Monday, June 16, 2014

How to dip dye your hair in Kool-aid

Step 1: First you have to buy the Kool-aid and choose the color you want to dye your hair. You can find Kool-aid at any kind of store and its pretty cheap.
Step 2: Boil water and mix the packets into it. You can put as many packets in as you want depending on what color your going for.
Step 3: Put the water into a bowl and dip it for about ten minutes. You can take it out if you like because the kool aid goes up hair so if it gets to high you can take it out.
Step 4: Put conditioner into the dyed part and let sit for 30 minutes.
Step 5: Rinse thoroughly and voila! You have hair that has color and smells like Kool-aid

Bird of TODAY!!

                                                                                Spix's Macaw
This bird is what the movie Rio is based off of. (Rio is one of my favorite movies so I chose to do a blog post about this bird)
Its also know as the "Little blue macaw" because it is one of the smaller blue macaws. It lives in Brazil (if you didn't get that from Rio :) ). It is really endangered and it might actually be extinct.
Well here are some interesting facts about the endangered spix's macaw. It can actually live up to over 60 years!


Hello everybody who is reading my blog. I haven't posted in a long time so I decided I'm going to post more often. I am now going into the eighth grade and am very excited. So here are some pictures to show what Ive been doing for the past year.
 I dyed my hair blue around the end of sixth grade. It stayed for a while then faded. So then I got side bangs to cut out most of the blue.

  This was on my 12 birthday. I really like cherry cheesecake so that's what I got. Some of my presents were an iPod shuffle so I can listen to all the music i want and i also got a basketball so I could go practice in the backyard.
 This was actually only like two months ago. My school has a end of the year dance that you can get to go to. It is really fancy but really fun. I went to it and got really hyper by the end of the night. If you didn't notice I dyed the tips of my hair red. I did it with Kool aid so it was pretty easy to dye and stays in for a while. Its is very cheap too!
 These two pics are from track. I ran the 800m. These were from the city meet which was really fun to go to. I ran my best time which was 3:05 for the half mile. I got sixth which is pretty good for my first time ever really doing distance. So I was pretty happy about being sixth in the ENTIRE city. :)
 This was also pretty recent. This was mothers day and this was our mothers day pic. I'm with my mom and my two brothers Gabriel and Zechariah. You should totally check out my brother and moms blog. Their blogs are Mycupoverflows and Lifeofachristian.