Monday, September 24, 2012

Bird of the week : Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing
  "This picture is of a bohemian waxwing. This is a very pretty and exotic bird.The waxwing gets its name from the waxy tips on its wings. The bohemian part comes from its nomadic habits. Bohemian refers to those who live a unconventional life style. The waxwing is a beautiful bird. The head has a distinctive crest on the bohemian and the cedar waxwing.They have a piercing black eye stripe and black bib.The underparts of this beautiful bird are a pretty pinkish color. The wings are darker with white and yellow lines. Then the distinctive waxy tips of the wings. The tail is a short but with a bright yellow tip. If you want to look for them in the winter, they can be found in gardens and parks. It does not breed in our region. But they nest very late in the year usually in June. Both the male and female take parts in taking care of the chicks. They are gregarious feeders. Gregarious means they feed in flocks or in loosely organized community.Their winter diet consists of completely berries. In the summer it likes to snack on mosquitoes and other insects. They have cup shaped nest with usually four or five eggs. They are incubated for about two weeks. The young fledge after another two weeks- Birds Of North America "                                                                                                                     

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kids Camp

I just got back from kids camp. It was so awesome. The only bad part its in Augusta , KS.We were in a un-airconditioned bus for two and a half hours. on the way there I rode with my mom on the bus

You may be wondering why my mom went. She was my Cabin coach with Amber. I'm going to take you through a day of kids camp.

 First I wake up and take a shower.By then most of the girls are awake and getting dressed. Once every one is ready we clean our cabin. By the way our cabin number is 207. Now we go to breakfast. After that we hang around for about 15 min. till its time for chapel.  Then we do worship. After we watch hilarious Austin and Suzi. That pic. pretty much sums up Suzi and Austin.

The we learn a story with pastor Gail and Red.(Red is a dummy)

Now time for lunch. They always have good food. Then we usually have Island Time. The island is basically every thing except swimming and rec. I liked to hang out at the inflatables

Then we do two rec. Which is all different kinds of games. Ill tell you my favorite. It's a game that involves pool noodles

The we do Cabin Time. Which is devotions

Next we go swimming. I really liked to play Shark with my friends and go down the zipline.Usually backwards.

         Then we go to camp video and games. After that we get dissmissed for dinner.

Then we go to breakouts or expeditions. One was hiking with DJ.

                                             Then we went to response time .After that is free time. You do whatever you want

Thats a day at kids camp.On the last day they give a trophy to a 1 boy and a1girl for showing the fruit of the Spirit. I actually won it. I'm pretty sure there's at least 400 kids there.

                                  By the way thats my cabin

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peregrine Chicks

Today I went to Westar Energy.I went there to see the peregrine falcon chicks. There were two males.We went with Mrs.Hedstrom,my principal. There was a male peregrine falcon that was recovering someone shooting it wing.We went on the roof to take blood samples and band the chicks. I actually got to help take blood samples. The mother and father were screaming most of the time. There were lots of cameramen there.There were two people from bird sanctuary's.One of the ladies came all the way from Minnesota. The lady said that 80% of the peregrine falcons in America are banded   The lady that banded the birds goes all over the U.S banding birds. Me Gabe and Zech were the only kids.

 Here's some peregrine falcon facts. Did you know that the peregrine falcons can go up 200 mph? That's pretty fast.One way to identify them is to look at their wings. They're more pointed than hawks. They were almost extinct because of a pesticide called DDT that bugs had and the the birds ate the bugs. Than the falcons ate the birds.



Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As most of my friends know, Im in gifted. I love it. You go to gifted once a week. This year I go on wednesdays. There are three teachers science,social studies and art. The art teachers name is Mrs.Hochstetler. The science teachers name is Mrs. Murphy, and the social studies teacher is Mrs.Caywood. In social studies I'm learning how to draw shawdow and light.Right now im learning how to draw a very detailed lion. In science im learning robotics. I know how to make a robot car and dog. In art were studying the Jr great books. I've read Charles and The Ghost Cat.In Mrs Murphys class they have two pet bunnies Chewy and Mischief.

                             Thats Mischief, Cheweys son.


                                        I LOVE GIFTED!                           

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Valentines 5 Birthday

Valentine is now 5 years old! She had her Birthday party on Febuary 20th. She had a very birdie birthday. First we did "Pin the Beak on Valentine".Second we played "Parrot Parrot Parakeet". It's basically "Duck Duck Goose". Then we played "Balloon Bird". You each try to keep the balloon in the air. If it falls in your section your out of that round. The winner is the one who is standing last.Next we ate a cake I made. It was a yellow cake decorated as Valentine. Last we watched Guardians of Gahoole an owl movie