Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As most of my friends know, Im in gifted. I love it. You go to gifted once a week. This year I go on wednesdays. There are three teachers science,social studies and art. The art teachers name is Mrs.Hochstetler. The science teachers name is Mrs. Murphy, and the social studies teacher is Mrs.Caywood. In social studies I'm learning how to draw shawdow and light.Right now im learning how to draw a very detailed lion. In science im learning robotics. I know how to make a robot car and dog. In art were studying the Jr great books. I've read Charles and The Ghost Cat.In Mrs Murphys class they have two pet bunnies Chewy and Mischief.

                             Thats Mischief, Cheweys son.


                                        I LOVE GIFTED!                           

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